Candidate Filing





December 30, 2021  

Last Day for Candidates for Partisan Offices to Change Affiliation with a Major Party: No person may be a candidate of a major political party for partisan office in 2022 if he or she changed political affiliation to Democrat or Republican on a Voter Registration Application in Nevada or in any other state after December 30, 2021.


January 2-June 3, 2022 






February 14, 2022 


Independent Candidate Petition Filing: Period during which independent candidates must submit their petition of candidacy to the appropriate filing officer for verification. Prior to circulating the petition, a copy must be submitted to the filing officer. Contact the Secretary of State for more information.


Candidate packets available to pick up from the Clerk’s Office.     Packets will be available online by this date, as well.


March 7-18, 2022



March 29, 2022


Candidate Filing: Period during which candidates may file to run for office in 2022.


Last Day to Withdraw of Rescind Withdrawal of Candidacy: Last day candidates may withdraw or rescind withdrawal of their candidacy.

Candidate filing packets can be found here

Click here for the list of Candidates who filed in Churchill County.

Please visit the Nevada Secretary of States website for more information on candidate filing.

Information regarding campaign finance reporting requirements can be found here.