Land Divisions

Property may be subdivided according to the zoning designation of the parcel, which is described in more detail on the Land Use, Zoning and Land Development page. Lot sizes allowed within each zoning district are determined in Table However, lots of a certain size will trigger increased infrastructure requirements, such as road surfacing or providing sewer or water facilities. All new lots require a dedication of water rights and payment of impact fees.

The land division procedure that must be followed is dependent upon the number of parcels/lots that will be created. Chapter 16.12 covers land divisions. For parcels that are 40 acres or more, divisions creating any number of lots are reviewed through a Division into Large Parcels permit. For parcels that are less than 40 acres, divisions creating up to 4 lots are reviewed through a parcel map, while those of 5 or more are reviewed through a tentative subdivision or tentative parceling map. There are also many parcel modification permits.

For the full list of Land Division applications please visit the Forms page.

Current Fee Schedule (PDF)

Title 16.16 Development Standards