State of Nevada COVID Resources

State of Nevada Resources

Nevada Health Response (link)

Created by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services and the Governor’s Office to share information and resources about COVID-19.

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (link)

Updates from the DMV during COVID-19. Information on registration extensions, office closures and a request to use online and kiosk services.

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (link)

Nevada Unemployment Insurance (link)

The Nevada Unemployment Office is working hard to handle the huge increase in volume of calls and requests for unemployment insurance. Reach them online, please. If you are having trouble with resetting your user name or password try:

Nevada CAN (COVID Aging Network) - link

Nevada CAN is focused on maintaining the quality of life for the 454,221 home-bound seniors in Nevada. Keeping seniors safe from exposure to the COVID-19 virus, while ensuring they are well-supplied, have access to medical and social services, and remain free from isolation is Nevada CAN’s top priority.

Nevada Coronavirus Testing Direct Line:

If you feel you need to be tested, please call Nevada’s Coronavirus Direct Line at: (800)860-0620.

You will be evaluated for your need for testing and assisted in obtaining testing if you meet the appropriate criteria.

COVID-19_Social_Distance is 6 feet apart